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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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escaped unharmed. all six units have now been condemned due to the damage. jeffrey chambers tried to reach the girl. he says he is heartbroken he failed. >> i could not save that child. and that's killing me. it's been killing me for two days. i can't sleep at night. because i was that close, and yet so far. reporter: he now has a bandage covering the burns that made him try -- the families are now being housed by the red cross and given what they need until they fine another place to live. >> aid really hard because for clothes and stuff like that, and going to work, and the kids go back to school, and we don't
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know what -- just transportation and it's just everything. reporter: now, she says even though she has a lot of comfort right now nothing matches the loss of a child. the firefighters say the fire was not of suspicious origin. we'll have a full report on he probable cause of the fire on tuesday, and that's where we may find out also why the girl was trapped inside. reporting live, the mass roman, abc7 news. >> ama: new details in a story abc7 news brought now first yesterday at 5:00. the coast guard is conducting interviews in the investigation into the collision between a boat and ferry on the san francisco bay. the coast guard says the ms san francisco was heading from sausolito to san francisco when it collided with a smaller boat traveling at a high speed. two people in the boat were injured. here is new video of the vessel now in a salvage yard. you can see the damage. sky 7hd shows you the ferry
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involved. it was operating again today, and ferry service is running as scheduled. >> a 72-year-old woman has died from injuries she received after being hit bay muni bus in daly city. the accident happened at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. it involved the number 18, 46th avenue bus. the woman was hit by the back of the bus when she was in a crosswalk. family members say the woman died after being taken to the hospital thump muni driver will undergo standard drug and alcohol testing. >> new tonight. the search is on for a man wanted for two random attacks against women in san francisco's mission district. take a good look at these sketches of the suspect. police say the one on the left was based on a description given by a woman attacked february 2nd. she says the map walked past her and suddenly began punking her. the other sketch is based on ai attack jen january 6th. the victim says the man threw her down and slammed her head
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against the sidewalk. police ask anyone with any information to give them a call. a small but vocal group protested against sap perhaps' ban on public nudity. the demonstration targeted supervisor scott weeper, he rote in the nudity ban. the protesters feel the ban violates their constitutional rights to express themselves. a federal judge recently sided with the city. nudists plan to appeal that ruling. >> the president's staff is in defense mode after a reported draft proposal of a white house plan for immigration reform was leaked to a newspaper. while a leading republican is criticizing the draft, the president's chief of staff says the white house hasn't proposed anything to capitol hill yet on immigration. here's the latest from washington. reporter: the battle over
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immigration reform is turning occupy the heat on america's melting pot. u.s.a. today says it received a leaked draft proposal from the white house which would allow illegal immigrants to obtain green cards in eight years, and also includes border patrol funding and an an ecease-fire -- everify system. the republicans say the president's bill would be dead on arrival, leaving us with a broken immigration system. on the sunday talk shows other republicans added their own criticism. >> by givinged advantage to thoe who cut in front of line for immigrants who came here legally, not dealing with border security adequately, that tells us he is looking for a partisan advantage. >> does the president want a result or want another way to boat up republicans. >> we the white house says it supports the current bipartisan
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effort on immigration reform. >> hope democrats and republicans don't get in the typical back and forth side show and instead get to work. >> president obama warned lawmakers if they could not agree they would hear from him. >> if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal. >> a bipartisan group of senators, known as the gang of eight, hopes to present new legislation sometime in march. abc7 news, washington. >> ama: pope benedict blessed a huge crowd from his window. more than 100,000 people crowded st. pete rer's scare. the pope raised hith arms out to the crowd. the sunday blessing is one of the most cherished traditions of the catholic church and this moment is one of his last opportunities to connect with the catholic masses. last week the 85-year-old announced his resignation.
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he'll step down february 28th. >> some big weather changes are coming our way. meteorologist leigh glaser has preview. >> leigh: hard to tell today because we had temperatures in the 60s. beautiful sunshine. but get rade for old man winter to return. temperatures in the 50s and i'll let you know when the day will come when we see the rain. >> also, political wrangling at the nation's capitol may mean the end of one of san francisco's biggest events. and then, air raids. what a mother is saying about an incident on a claim where she
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>> ama: a spectacular sight but fleet week may be in jeopardy as congress and the president can't prevent automatic spending cuts from taking effect. the u.s. navy's blue angels could be grind if the scheduled budget sequestration isn't resolved. the parade of ships could also be at risk. fleet week organizers say without those two centerpieces fleet week may not happen. the event draws a million people to the city every year. >> new tonight at 5:00. activists urge president obama to change his priorities when it comes to the environment at rally's in san francisco and across at the country. many who gathered say they supported the president's bid for re-election last fall but feel he needs to stop approval of the keystone xl oil pipeline. the project will link oil fields
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in canada with the gulf of mexico. >> the pipeline is bringing the dirtiest coal there is through the tows be exported, and it's incredibly dangerous and it's going to increase the amount of car been being burned. >> ama: another rally took place on the national mall in washington, dc. protesters waved banners opposing the keystone pipeline. that group called on president obama and congress to take action on climate change. a mother describes her shock after she says a stranger on a plane slapped her toddler. what she said fueled the attack and how she took action. >> and a big cool-down and rain heading our way. meteorologist leigh glaser will let you know what to expect in the week ahead. now here's a look at what is ahead on abc world series mud as 5:30. >> right near on world news, the
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winter storm here in the east, another massive weather system out west. what happens when your credit score tanks and it's not your fault?
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>> ama: a man faces a federal charge tonight after allegedly using a racial slur and slapping a crying toddler on a flight. jessica ben net and her 19-month-old son jonah were on a delta flight february 8th from minneapolis to atlanta. she says the man sitting next to them was drinking and became increasingly belligerent. when jonah began to get fussy, ben net says the man slapped the boy and called him a racial slur. >> could not believe he would say something like that, and to a baby, or about a baby, and then to hit him was just -- i
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felt like i was in another world. >> ama: ben net says she screamed and another passengers got involved. ben net and her son were moved to a different seat. 60-year-old joe hundley of idaho faces charges of simple assault. >> runners took over parts of san francisco china can town, financial district and north beach. the new year run started at 8:00 this morning. you can see the runners on the embarcadero. shut down several streets and caused some gridlock. parparticipanted ranged from the serious to silly. >> another lady is from the seem group we are. >> just cheering us on. that was the best part. getting to the finish line. it's not easy. >> ama: runners hen headed 0 a festival. the race winner were announced and everybody celebrated the
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year of the snake. and fortunately it was today before the weather gets cold. >> leigh: you're exactly right. just hanging on to the nice sunshine we're seeing out there right now. because, yeah, feels like spring the past four or five days. winter returns tomorrow and tuesday. the live doppler 7 hd showing you clear sky out there right now. here's another look at another vantage point from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera, and all of us down four or five degrees. santa rosa, 65. concord, 65. 63 in san jose. and monterey, only 55 degrees. more of an onshore wind component today. right now, san francisco, 53. 59 in oakland. san jose, 58. 57, novato, santa cruz.
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62, livermore. another beautiful shot live now to san jose, with clear sky. santa rosa, 58. 60 in nap a. big changes coming, and they're going to start really overnight tonight and tomorrow. here's a look at the forecast highlights. low clouds and fog overnight. partly cloudy, you'll notice the clouds thickening up and it's going to be much cooler tomorrow, only in the 50s, and then get ready for rain to return on tuesday and we're also going to bring in very low snow levels. the culprit is the fact that high pressure is starting to weaken. jet stream push though south. low cloud off the coast. all of this will move and this cold front right here is going to make its way into the bay area on tuesday. bringing with it some moisture and also a batch of cold air. in fact here's a look at the timing. beginning tuesday, 5:00 a.m., the rain starts to spread, and
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you'll see by 9:00 on tuesday, the cold front moves through, rain moving from north bay to south bay. that's nontime. going to move rather rapidly overnight. low snow levels down to about 2500 feet. our higher peaks could see as much as three inches of snow bit early wednesday morning, and speaking of wednesday morning, the computer models just bring all the showers out. so we should have a dry day for wednesday. here's a look at the lows tonight. once again, upper 30s. north and east bay locations. the fog and low cloud will move further inland tonight. so look for san francisco, 45. 44, oakland. the highs for monday, coming down as much as ten degrees in some spots. look at all the 50s. 58 tomorrow, san jose, hazy clouds. palo alto, 57. 54 in san mateo, san francisco, 55. remember, just four days ago you were in the upper 60s. 59 in santa rose sacks oakland
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tomorrow, 55. union city, 54. pittsburg with hazy clouds, 57. here's a look at the sevenday forecast, big changes, cold rain, low snow levels on tuesday, and then sunny on wednesday and downright cool. another shot of showers possible on thursday and then we'll slowly start to warm things up next weekend. >> ama: colin is in for shu who is talk neglect as's. >> the biggest story in a's camp has use surrounded manny ramirez. he never played a regular season ending. instead it was a group of young ns who propelled the
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>> this time last you're the a's picked to finish last in the a.l. west. we know how the season end. mike shumann is live in phoenix. >> it's going to be tough to top. 49 victories, 15 were walkoffs, and of course, they were the most exciting team in baseball until detroit ended their dream season, knocking them out of the alds. american league manager of the year, bob melvin, has simple formula tree capturing the magic. >> we had a lot of success. we should be very proud of the fact we did. but this is a new season. unless you're moving forward, you're moving backwards.
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>> mike: this year's squad is a great mix of youth and experience. >> when you have the confidence of last year and your still learning you can get better, and i think a lot of these guys are going to take steps forward and be even better than last year. everybody is worried about a regression and worried about a one-hit wonder. i played with these guys all year. i wasn't. >> mike: even with last year's success the angels are the popular pick for this year's american league west champion. >> we're still getting pushed behind the angels, so it's like we're back in the same position, but just not in as deep of a hole. >> we're fine with that. we don't mind being pushed back again. we'll sneak under there again and pull it off. >> mike: the a's don't mind the underdog roll and want to take their success a step further. >> the recipe is there for success. you got bob melvin here, who is the magic man, and knows when to
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pull the trigger, and it's going to be exciting to say the least. >> mike: i tell you what. the enthusiasm was ton takous today in the clubhouse. they can't wait to get started. at 6:00 we talk to the a's managing partner who will give us a stadium update, and we have to talk about josh reddick's beard. it's the top story in phoenix. reporting live, mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> can't wait to see the interview. moving on, tony haws began his pro career in 1996. his opponent at the sap open final raonic was five years old, and ace number one, there's number two here's number three, and all number four, next game, backhand winner to take haws' serve.
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6-4, 6-3, raonic, the only man to win three street in san jose. >> women's hoop, snooped and -- stanford and ucla. high low action. stanford a winner by 11, 68-57. 15th straight win over the bruins. quite story with the cal bears. lindsey's squat is sixth in the nation visiting usc. boyd landed hard on her side but she is gutsy. >> history made today at daytona, danicka patrick the first woman to win the pole. sped around the truck at 196 miles-per-hour. and only jeff gordon came close. and only jeff gordon came close. an) 3 days of walking sunday.
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>> the firefighter being called a hero. not for putting out fires but for helping save the life of a boy halfway around the world. how he did and it what he now wants you to do. silicon valley has some new competition. the tech hub. join us at 6:00.
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that does it for us here at 5:00, world news is next. don't forget thes oscars a week away. captioned by closed captioning services inc. we'll see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> this is "world news." tonight, double punch. the two storms on each coast this evening. the massive system hitting new england yet again. tonight the frigid air from florida to maine. while out west the storm that could make the coming week a mess. ginger zee is standing by tonight. the blade runner case breaks open. both families speaking out. what was allegedly found in the house. and the reality show under fire
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after moving forward with the reality show from the slain girlfriend. >> the way that you go out, the way that you make your exit is so important. a new case of air rage, after an unruly passenger was taped to his seat by apparentlies and crew. just when you thought it couldn't get worse, the passenger new accused of slapping this little boy. and the silver lining for that little girl from kentucky, dancing with bradley cooper, what it was like to tell robert de niro off. and her mother who is still worried about her. >> god bless her. she text me every night. are you home? are you okay? good evening, thank you for being here. we begin with two giant storms on both coasts. a blizzard in parts of the ne t northeast. look at this, just a week after that last monster blizzard it's slow going in portsmouth, ne


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